November 12, 2019

Why The
Quality of Your
Bricks Matter


For thousands of years humankind has used bricks as a primary building material for all sorts of structures.  From Jericho to Rome to Ancient Egypt to Thurber, brick has been a staple of construction from practically the dawn of civilization.  Gone, however, are the days of solid Roman-eqsue brick and here is the modern cored structural brick.  

Just because manufacturing processes have changed from handmade, hand-kilned clay brick to mass produced cored brick doesn’t mean that quality has by any means diminished.  Quality building materials are just important as quality craftsmanship from experienced tradespeople, but why does the quality of your bricks matter?


Quality Brick is Easier to Work

As a homeowner, your last thought of choosing brick is how easy it is to work with; however, if you’re paying a skilled tradesperson to brick your home or business it should be something you consider.  Quality brick is easier to work with, won’t chip or damage when handled, and generally is universally shaped meaning a cleaner look.  

You may ask why any of this matters to you, but the answer is very simple: time, money, and materials.  Hopefully, if you’re shopping for a mason to do your work, they’ve given you a comprehensive bid but for remodels and cost plus jobs, you may be on the hook for the extra expense your mason incurs dealing with lesser quality materials.  This means that it may cost you time, money in materials, and labor to save a few bucks.


Longer Lasting Masonry

Naturally, a better quality brick will last longer and, unless you’re in the business of repairing brick several years after it’s installed, then a higher quality brick will make all the difference.  Higher quality brick not only lasts longer, but will withstand the test of time, weather, and impact from any matter of conditions.

Bear in mind that just as important as the quality of brick is the quality of the mortar and anchors your bricklayers use.  The quality of bricks is the number one factor in quality masonry work, but it’s only a component of the overall puzzle.  Additionally, installing anchors correctly along with adequate mortar work is something most building owners will never see or know about.


Quality Brick is Only as Good as the Mason

If we haven’t alluded to it already, no matter how good your brick is if it’s not being installed by an experienced professional mason then you may be out of luck.  Experienced masons understand their building materials, can adapt to local materials if needed, and will generally do all of the little things right.

Bricklaying is not only about using quality materials but knowing how to use those materials and how to make them aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.  There’s plenty of fly-by-night bricklayers who can simply lay brick, but having a mason with experience in working with a variety of materials is paramount to quality construction. That’s why at ValCon, we understand the importance of quality brick and block and our skilled bricklayers are strategic with every stroke of their trowel.